Brandy ‘Bones’ Anderson is currently a part of the farbenMEER Tätowierungen team in Wilhelmshaven DE.  Before arriving to Germany, she had been working out of Darkday Studios in Vancouver, BC (Canada) for 7 years.

Being predisposed from a young age towards the physical arts, she has pursued many forms of visual art (drawing, sculpture, photography, graphic art, tombstone design) and music.  As a professional musician she has toured Europe, North America and Japan over the past ten years.  In these travels she has been versed in the comparative cultural arts from western European to traditional Japanese as well as gaining experience tattooing in Northern Europe.  Her favorite styles of art to experiment in are surrealism and realistic black and grey.

Growing up near Missoula, MT (USA), she moved to Vancouver BC after completing a BA in Biocultural Anthropology at Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA (USA). With this degree she has become proficient in human anatomy, biology, evolution and comparative human culture.  After moving to Vancouver, she completed a tattoo apprenticeship offered by Bryan Glatiotis, owner and showcase artist of Darkday Studios. As apart of the training, she completed a blood borne pathogens for body art safety course offered by OSHA (USA) to further assure she is tattooing in the utmost sterile and safe environment.  During her stay in Vancouver she also worked as a monument designer for a gravestone company, and prepared graphic designs for various music projects. These acquired designing skills have translated well to her approach in tattooing.

Recently she has added cosmetic tattoo  to her repertoire after completing a MSP approved course offered by Biotouch Canada and is now offering microblading and powdering services in addition to artistic tattooing.